Quickstart on hacking e2fsprogs using Mercurial

Due to licensing issues with BitKeeper (BK), e2fsprogs development has been moved to a new distributed Source Code Management system called Mercurial.

Obtaining Mercurial

The best place to get Mercurial is from the Mercurial web site. Instructions on installing and using Mercurial can be found at the Mercurial Wiki.

Getting the latest e2fsprogs development sources using Mercurial

The Mercurial repository can be found at http://thunk.org/hg/e2fsprogs. You can either browse the e2fsprogs repository via a web browser, or once you've installed Mercurial you can download a copy of the repository via the command:

hg clone http://thunk.org/hg/e2fsprogs e2fsprogs-upstream
Theodore Ts'o
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